NHS Northstar

Employment Opportunities

NHS Northstar is seeking people who care.

NHS Northstar is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

We are committed to providing a workplace that is consumer focused and that provides a flexible and fulfilling work experience.

Our employees come from many backgrounds, but they all have one overriding characteristic: they care about people. If you care about people with disabilities and you have a desire to help, NHS Northstar is the place for you. We offer both part-time and full-time positions at locations across the Iron Range – from Grand Rapids to Hoyt Lakes. We provide extensive training to our employees on topics of importance for our work, including medication administration, lift and transfer, CPR, and therapeutic intervention. We are committed to being the leader in our industry in the area of training and development.

How does our staff feel about working here?

“I love how rewarding the job is, and I get to make a difference in someone’s life.”

“Supervisor and management have an open-door policy so I can talk to them about anything that might come up.”

“A lot of agencies say they have an ‘open door’ for communication with employees, but that’s not often true. Here, the leaders actually came in during orientation and introduced themselves, making it clear that they’re involved. I’ve never seen that!”

“This environment feels like a family oriented environment.”

“Staff all work together as a team – everyone gets along and works cooperatively.”


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