Community Residential Services

NHS-Northstar provides community residential services under the Home and Community Based Services – Rule 245D.

This service is defined as Community Residential Settings (CRS). CRS provides a natural residential setting which fosters the supports necessary to achieve a positive lifestyle. The supervised settings support one to four adults or children, and through the use of a Person-centered Plan, Community Support Service Plan and Individual Abuse Prevention Plan, the individual’s unique needs and skills are identified, and services are designed to fit that person.

NHS-Northstar’s goal is to support the consumer in the development of a positive lifestyle that is motivated by mature and appropriate choices as they relate to living in one’s community. The small natural residential setting fosters such supports and reinforces the development of this positive lifestyle.

Components of Services:

Residential Living: The goal is to provide the practical experience, emotional support, training and motivation to live as independently as possible in our society.

Development of the Person-Centered Plan (PCP): The outcome of an individual person-centered plan is to maximize results of team efforts toward individual growth and development and to insure consistency in approach as well as diverse programming appropriate to the individual needs.

Counseling and Guidance: This area develops skills in individuals to cope with and resolve problems in appropriate ways.

Social and Leisure Time Activities: The team members, in cooperation with the consumer will identify and develop leisure and social activities that are constructive and rewarding to the consumer.

Independent Living Skills Development: the goal of this program is to enable the consumer to acquire the necessary skills, attitudes and motivation to live as independently as possible.

Vocational Orientation and Preparation: Day training and habilitation plays a pertinent role in the majority of individuals’ lives. Opportunity to participate in a DHT service will be encouraged and made available to each consumer.

Respite Care Services

Respite is defined as “a period of rest or relief.” Respite care provides a caregiver temporary relief from the responsibilities of caring for an individual with a physical or mental disability. Respite care is often referred to as a gift of time.

Respite services can be provided for a variety of reasons, including vacation, personal respite, attending to other family matters, transitioning, crisis intervention, and ongoing scheduled respite time.

Respite services can also be provided at a variety of sites, including the family home, an existing licensed foster care residential site, a licensed apartment site, or can be individualized to meet the specific need of the consumer and family. NHS-Northstar has two licensed settings to provide respite care to children and adults. One site is located in Chisholm, MN and the other site is located in Eveleth, MN.

Skilled professional staff are on duty to support the consumer and family no matter the setting choice for the respite service.