Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

ARMHS brings restorative, recovery-oriented interventions to individuals in their homes or in the community.

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ARMHS services are provided in your home or community, based on your preferences or needs. NHS-Northstar is certified to provide ARMHS services in St. Louis and Itasca counties.

A diagnostic assessment is used to determine eligibility for ARMHS.

An eligible recipient is an MA eligible individual who is age 18 or older and has a primary diagnosis of a serious mental illness as determined by a Diagnostic Assessment.

Rehabilitative services are generally covered by insurance obtained through Minnesota Health Care Programs.

ADULT Rehabilitative Mental Health Services assist, support, and teach skills to individuals in the following areas:

Interpersonal communication
Community resource utilization and integration
Crisis assistance
Relapse prevention
Health care directives
Budgeting and planning for shopping
Healthy lifestyle practices
Medication education and monitoring
Mental illness symptom management
Household management
Employment-related skills
Transition to community living services